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  • just joined here on Pats Planet after lurking for a long time and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your prospects and mock draft threads...I've been on Patsfans for a while but as time went on I've found myself over here much more...keep up the great work
    I just realized you were an Anesthesiologist. As a woman who has given birth twice (the 1st being 40+ hours of induced labor) I just wanted to say thank you and God Bless you. :)
    Coming back around this a.m. to say sorry if you were affronted by the unsolicited info, but you being one of the more literate and grammatical posters around here, I thought you might care. Not meaning to be a scolding oldbag. Carry on!
    Shock! That phrase is "for all intents and purposes" despite how it sounds when spoken. Think about the meaning for heavens sake!!! [lecture mode off]
    Just wanted to stop by and give you and Chvss some props for all your hard work with all the threads you guys do. I may not agree with some of it but it's pretty discussion/thought provoking stuff you guys post. Keep up the good work!
    So your a MD? You have hella time on your hands for that job, I'll tell you what! In between patients, is that why they have to wait so long?!!! ;)
    Hey, Mayo, you hear the Pats just signed Torry Holt? We spend all our time in here and forget about the real world!
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