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  • Yeah, I don't get it. But everyone else thinks it's a genius move, so we must be missing something
    Okay, didn't realize you weren't posting and was wondering why you responded that way instead of with a post.
    I try to treat everybody like I would if we were on the street talking face to face..I have to admit my sexual innuendos would be TONED down a lot..ROFL
    I was kidding with you man....it might take awhile for you guys to get me on that. I did not take it serious.
    You are way too sensitive.

    It's worth a thread because:

    I missed you.
    And I'm delighted that you're back.

    You've always been a prolific poster and I expect nothing less than lots of posts.

    I'd like you to trust me on all that, just don't expect me to agree with you a whole lot. And don't expect me not to :poke: you.

    Thanks, dude. They didn't deserve to win playing that way. They'll learn from this, and we'll be back to torment you all! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAH!
    Good with me, mind you I do enjoy discussing things with you even when we disagree, but yeah, that ran its course.
    Dude... Seriously? You asked nice this time? Was that a threat? Yet since then you have continued to do the same crap on here. I don't post that often and I am SURE I will miss most of the instances but let's just say this Luke "ThreadJacker", when I see you hijack a thread and make it about you I will call you out. I realize that I am not the first to say this but you sound more and more like NEM all the time. And don''t tell me to ignore you when you make YOURSELF 40% of many threads. Threads get sidetracked either ABOUT you or while you argue with somebody. I ask you AGAIN: How many folks need to tell you this?

    So much for being nice, eh?

    Or you could stop the crap, focus on Brady (novel idea, I know) and proof read what you post before you post it.
    No problem, my friend. Keep in mind, it is a very, very common sequence, so you can probably figure out what's on your mind that's eliciting the dream response.
    Wow, I never realized that we weren't friends on here! Now you can see all of my photos in the albums!
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