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  • Interesting how there's no response to the study that I posted. There may well be one forthcoming, but I'm sure they'll just chalk it up to rubbish.
    Hey man, just saw in the videogame thread that you are a realism nut when it comes to sports games....well I run a simulation hockey league where you get to set your lines, make trades....every year we hold the entry can check your teams stats, league standings etc... all that fun stuff....if you're interested, let me know, I have one team open. Check it out:
    I lurk in the political forum cause of all the hatred..but someone talking about Nazi Germany like that idiot did just seems unconsienable! THe one good thing about it is..posting that kind of stuff shows the poster for the idiot they are. I wish the mods would do SOMETHING about it so we could have a reasonable debate in there. Thanks for calling it out.
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