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  • Yeah, I have finally given them their way and checked out. Sorry to leave you in the lurch as the lone voice crying in the wilderness, but I realized I was just wearing myself out for no reason. Schrute dings me for "leaving." He has clearly overlooked the fact that it is posters like him who have driven any remaining Democrat off the political threads. If he wants the tables turned, he should check out some websites here in CA where the Trumpites are in the VAST minority. Can't wait to have the last laugh.
    He is the number 1 low life in this site but there are others almost as bad. Schrute always has to have the last word. I pity his wife, imagine having to live with that pompous asshole? I guarantee he won't leave you alone though. I got him to put me on his ignore list but he couldn't stand not having someone to put down so he took me off. Rats I guess i'll have to work harder. lol Really I don't find any of these guys enjoyable to have any conversation with, I mostly stir the pot and then let them all jump on the post. It pisses them off when you ignore them.
    Schrute is a rude, ignorant asshole. I hereby quit replying to any of his posts. It's always the same garbage and a waste of any rational person's time.
    Your absolutely right, its scary what some of these "regulars" believe. Totally brain washed. They do all have something in common, they are all just like him. Can't wait for Nov 3.
    We seem to be the only non-Trumpers left in the political forums and it's no wonder the few others were driven off long ago by the fanaticism and closed mindedness on display. Of course Trump's "cognitive test" was hilarious and it's beyond me how others fail to see the humor. I'll have to remember to put the "camera . tv. . " thing on here often. It seems to drive them nuts. (Of course, they're already nuts) Oh well, 3 more months . . . (please Lord)
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