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    MERGED: Colts Sign Freeney

    Then pot smoking hippies have the only rational minds in Indy. These don't look like hippies to me: You've been having a lot of anti-tax rallies lately.
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    MERGED: Colts Sign Freeney

    Hey Douch-hoe, Seems like not every rube in Indiana is excited about Freeny's new contract. "Thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars of public subsidies, the Indianapolis Colts were able to sign defensive end Dwight Freeney to a 6-year, $72 million contract with a $30 million signing bonus...
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    OT: The Official "The Far Side" Thread

    Gary Larson must have been including himself when he published this cartoon:
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    Why Do You Drink?

    To quote Bob Dylan: "people ask me why I drink all the clears my head and eases my mind". I don't drink much except when the occasion warrants it. Pizza and beer is a must, chicken wings and beer at Hooter's on a few occasions. After a Presidential Election, no matter who wins, is...
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    If Joe Thomas fired back at a person who shot his roomate = hero

    IIRC, the incident happened outside his apartment that is located in Coral Gables, FL. I would think everybody in that place would be armed. He was never charged and, IMHO, should be considered a good citizen for protecting himself and his friend in self defense. He is also pursuing a degree in...
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    Why's Everyone so Down on Welker?

    If can play FOR us as well as he played AGAINST us he will prove to be a solid pick-up. I'm happy we won't be seeing him in Miami twice a year anymore.
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    Thugs and quitters, now welcome.

    Let's see. We have a choice of believing a Colt's troll who is a proven idiot or an esteemed college football analysis, Pete Fiutak, who works for You brain is evidently ravaged by STD's that run rampant in Indy.
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    The Official Moss poll

    The Boston Sports media is pretty tough. They will be looking for anything to prove this was a bad move by BB. Moss will know that the only way to shut them up is by his play on the field. But as we all know, the media here is usually wrong.
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    What were the Dolphins thinking?

    Maybe they are expecting Marino to come out of retirement ???
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    Thugs and quitters, now welcome.

    This is a sign of your reality check telling you that the Colts are one and done. The Colts have had a dismal off season even their fans are pissed about. Even the signing of Anthony Gonzalez was a reach. I guarantee you that not one rube in Indiana even heard of this guy before the Colts...
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    Moss take 6 million dollar pay cut for 07 to play for NE

    I'm cautiously optimistic on Moss becoming a Patriot. He basically, hand-picked New England (the only team he would go to for less money) and signed for unguaranteed money. He also agreed to the "pain in the ass" clause that he can be cut for any transgression at any time. That doesn't sound too...
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    OT-Schilling painted sock red for PR. LOL!!!

    Curt Schilling is offering one million bucks to anyone who can prove it was not his blood on that sock. That should pretty much end that story. Well, Das-homeo, it's better to remain quiet and be thought a rube from Indy-chump-olis than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. But then, then...
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    Caption This- Manning meets Dubya...

    #1 Dubya: I didn't know Reggie Bush played for the Colts....... #2 Dubya: Kraft gave Putin a Super Bowl ring and all I get is a lousey jersey from Irshay.
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    Randy Mueller makes fun of Pats..

    ......and they use the precious cap space to sign Rocky Boiman !?!?!
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    Don't let Peyton play with your kids....

    Behind the scene look at Peyton working with our youth. Click here