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  • Boomer a Sooner. Helluva game, NC.
    That sounds like a super fun game and I want to play! I also want to hear your dah's brogue. I love how the Irish pronounce "th" - they don't!
    Happy New Year, NC. I hope your Sooners win the natty!
    Sometimes I think he does it on purpose just to make sure people are reading his posts. ROFL
    ROFL Just sitting here waiting for my trip to ass-clownville. Happy New Year
    Steal the line. We need some graphic to go with it. Print t-shirts. ROFL
    WVU giving the Sooners all they can handle tonight. Hang on & win this.
    That was freaking awesome! Stoops & Co. really had them ready.
    Hope you had an awesome Holiday Season. I will be rooting for the Sooners tonight. I don't see how they can win or even stay close to Bama, but hey, you never know.
    Boomer Sooner!
    I'm starting to think you're right. Stoops, needs to go. OU needs a breath of fresh air.
    LOL. I was going stay out of the pool but figured I'd dip my toe in!
    There are some real dimwits lately, huh?
    Not many Sooners, or Buckeyes for that matter, getting drafted this year. I thought Landry Jones might go tonight. Word in Cleveland is that the Browns might go after him or Tyler Bray.
    I don't know. I saw in one of the football threads that Chevss had said something and then RIP. When asked about it, he hasn't responded yet.
    Was the kicker Uwe von Schamann? I was playing a playing pee-wee football game, I was 11, that Saturday & I remember all the dads listening to the game on transistor radios with one of those old school earplug things.
    Yea, I saw that. Pretty cool. We played each other a time or two in the 70's I think. Maybe Stoops will be gone by then & you will have a shot!
    You're right, NC. Bob Stoops has to go & go now. He makes way too much money to trot the kind of crap on the field I saw last night. He's starting to remind me of John Cooper. That's not good.
    OU got jobbed on that holding call.
    Thanks Numbers...I wish I had that film too!
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