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  • Just looking at your message to the Baron about grainger and fastenal. I once tried to make friends with a sawzall, but it wouldn't reciprocate. :coffee:
    if you have a problem with the way I responded to Mark I'll suggest the same thing to you- put me on ignore. The political forum isn't a picnic.
    Thanks, OSU. You too vs Mich!

    Beating Bama is always fun but watching Saban going ballistic on the sidelines is the real treat.
    Thanks, OSU. Yeah, he does. The first half looked like crap & nothing went AU's way. I hate AU's offensive scheme - hope it doesn't ruin Nix. I'll take the W but don't feel good going forward.
    Sprinting for you would be a fantastic HIIT workout. GREAT for fatburning. You can find all kinds of structured workout plans online for free. I particularly like Stack.com. Go to the articles tab and it’s all forms of lifting, diet, and lifestyle articles. Can search for anything. Also has Forums for like minded.
    All the work I posted is for my 12 yr old. He?s hockey and football. Undersized so he has to be quick and explosive. We started a basic fundamental lifting program with a certified trainer at a local gym. Moderate weight, but more focused on ingraining the proper education and form so when those natural hormones kick in he?s already ready to take off. Most of the sprinting we do is related to first step quickness. First 3 strides in hockey. Explosion off the line for football. Usually 10-20 yards. Plenty of rest between reps. Sometimes we add resistance in the form of weight vest, parachute, or work on a fair graded hill. We work plyometrics with jumping drills - box jumps, depth jumps, broad jumps, vertical jumps. And also work agility ladder and cone drills.
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