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  • Sprinting for you would be a fantastic HIIT workout. GREAT for fatburning. You can find all kinds of structured workout plans online for free. I particularly like Stack.com. Go to the articles tab and it’s all forms of lifting, diet, and lifestyle articles. Can search for anything. Also has Forums for like minded.
    All the work I posted is for my 12 yr old. He?s hockey and football. Undersized so he has to be quick and explosive. We started a basic fundamental lifting program with a certified trainer at a local gym. Moderate weight, but more focused on ingraining the proper education and form so when those natural hormones kick in he?s already ready to take off. Most of the sprinting we do is related to first step quickness. First 3 strides in hockey. Explosion off the line for football. Usually 10-20 yards. Plenty of rest between reps. Sometimes we add resistance in the form of weight vest, parachute, or work on a fair graded hill. We work plyometrics with jumping drills - box jumps, depth jumps, broad jumps, vertical jumps. And also work agility ladder and cone drills.
    He was primarily a G at Auburn. Some scouts thought he could be successful at RT. He was great vs the Texans!
    I see Harper either staying here or going to the Cubs. The Yankees will not be signing him or Machado. Machado is pretty adamant about playing SS, and the Yankees don't play that high dollar FA game anymore. There's no way they're adding either of those guys to that albatross of a contract they're carrying with Stanton. The Yankees need pitching, that will be their focus and if it isn't it will just be more of the same- beat the shit out of mediocre pitching during the season and get shut down in the post season. I was looking for more out of your Tribe, would have loved a Sox/Tribe LCS. I still think Tito is the best manager in the game.
    HI!! I'm not around much, just seeing this today. I hope things are going well for you. Don't want to say too much because these are public. Shoot me a p.m. if you want. I will check in periodically. I've had such a crazy life lately, I hardly even read emails anymore!
    Thanks. I did not realize there was another Colts forum. Do folks from Colts.com post on Colts Freaks?
    You are welcome. We all get to that point sometimes. I know I have. I really enjoy your posts and your insights. Thanks for friending me. I accepted.
    Listen you turd. I have seen your posts on Dolts.com about PP and about me. You are a two faced little clown that likes to come here and then post on Dolts.com. Do us all a favor and just stay over there with the other Dolts cry babies.
    It's really amazing. The guy in my office who is from Leicester can't quite believe it. I'm struggling to think of a similar achievement in any other sport. To win over the course of 38 games, when your opponents have spent 10 times as much money, is insane.
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