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  • Thank's OSU. My fingers are crossed but I'm not expecting a win. I figure FSU by 10. That's a good team and should have been top 5 all along imo.
    Hey man, thank you. Hope yours was awesome too.

    And yeah, I really can't see the Sooners hanging with Bama at all tonight. I loved the BellDozer as a "change of pace" QB, but as the full-time starter... not so much.

    Unless Bama comes out so disinterested in playing for pride, I doubt this game is even close at the half, but I don't see them that disinterested.

    Fire Bob Stoops :)
    He's been living off 2000 since the day after they won the championship... Big Game Bob, my arse..... How ya been?
    Sadly, I really can't disagree with anything you've said. I was actually at the game yesterday, met my dad there (he flew from FL and I flew from MA). It was every bit as disgusting to watch in person and I'm every bit as enraged about the OL as you are. On the plus side, it was otherwise a great trip and my dad and I actually met Jim Irsay in downtown Indy on Saturday night.
    I'm quite happy with the draft as a whole. Like Werner for the reasons you mentioned. Love the Thornton pick, we really need a mauler and I'm looking forward to having him right next to Cherilus. Like the Holmes pick, I think it's very possible that he will be the starter. I'm hoping that McGlynn & Satele are cut, and it'd be nice to have Linkenbach off the roster, as well.
    Thank you for the kind words, my friend, and back at you! I'm tired of getting bashed and warned every time I post my opinions.
    That was fantastic! Thanks! I be my M-I-L knows them somehow. She knows everyone. LOL
    Holy schnikes you ain't kidding. I left my snowy boots in the garage this am and even now they still are snow covered! We got about 8 inches and still falling last I checked.
    He was all over me from the day he got here. Called me a POS who likes to see dogs murdered because I said I thought Vick paid his debt and deserved his 2nd chance. After that, he got on me every time I posted. BTW, I've had dogs all my life and can't live without them. But, whatever, he's called me some nasty names, but I couldn't deal with it today. Thanks for getting my back.
    Thanks OSU. I'm sick to my stomach because I thought this team was better than last year's. I was wrong. I try to base my disappointment on my expectations so I'm much more disappointed this year than last. I am very grateful that the team is competitive every year, no doubt.
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