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  • Yeah, you don't overpay for a 31-year old slot receiver.

    For a 27-year-old, 3-Time All-Pro lock (assuming no injuries) Hall of Fame Lockdown Cornerback?

    Yeah, you overpay for that guy. :coffee:
    Mayo is a good player. Not a cornerstone. Not a playmaker. A solid tackler. Great film and clubhouse guy. Football is important. But I think people thought early on we were getting Patrick Willis 2.0. He is not that. The play was there to be made. Eli even admitted it. Big time players make big time plays, not just record a lot of tackles cuz the fatties keep the linemen of of ya.
    Unbearable to deal with. Self-righteous, judgmental, unwilling to see his own flaws. I can honestly say that I find him despicable, and I don't say that about many.
    sorry this past week I'm just had it with people and the media keeping talking about the pats defense. WE havr to be the only 5-2 team that getting this much negative coverage.
    Holy Carp, Justin! He's trying to get me banned! And I can't tell you how many times I've told myself to get a handle on your handle. I know it's Oswlek, I keep typing Owslek. I'm gonna get that fixed, I promise. Cheers.
    Thanks man, to be honest I was surprise how far the team got; I am hopeful we will have a season to root for this year! take care
    You're not kidding about being excited about the TE's. With no Hernandez today, we might see a healthy dose of the ol' FB/TE game! Sweet stuff if we do.
    No sweat man.
    Thinking differently about situations isnt a big deal. The 05 offseason pissed me off to no end and the Mankins situation is just weird
    All's well Oswlek. I hope things are well w/you too. Nice to see you coming around. Just in time too. The season's almost here!
    every team has fans that are annoying and borderline stupid, which is why I only post here lol
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