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  • Thats awesome about the company; have you not figured out facebook yet? even the other polish on this site have
    Hey pal, hope you are doing good!
    It took years of having horrible holidays where I always felt "less than." My husband finally said that's enough. Either we'll go out for dinner or we'll make dinner ourselves, but I can't deal with one more holiday where you get ridiculed to the point of my having to leave the table. He was right.
    Thanks, my friend! Hope you had a wonderful holiday yourself!
    haha very true, i love that it being 100degrees there is better than 80here with the shitty humidity we deal with! Yea i dont care for one of the mods and the bullshit they pulled; took the fun out of it for me personally. I still chat with the other guys via email, facebook etc.
    the snow is horrible anymore lol i sound like a grumpy old man. Speaking of vegas i go there nov 4th -8th i cant wait!
    Wow very cool; I suppose that is one way to see the usa lol. glad to hear business is going good. I have just been working; Im hoping my company goes public or gets bought out soon. I really do want to move to san diego. I think im over winters anymore here lol!
    You realize when you post on your own page I dont get a notfication...damn polish lol...

    Awesome to hear! Oh yeah where at? Too bad you could of been in a winning town lol..Damn you getting old my man!! They know everything until they need something, you remember how that was! still doing AC for anniversaries?
    Busy as hell which is a good thing. I almost had a job in your neck of the woods. 160k sq ft manufacturing plant just outside of Pittsburgh. Guess they went for the cheap inspector instead of me. lol The fam is good ..youngest is going into his senior yr of high school and too damn smart for his own damn good.
    Doing well man, how have you and the family been?!?!
    I haven't been there since I was 18 that was 26 years ago..
    Glad to see you're around. I hope life is treating you well.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ya Big Stump ya :kisss: :D
    Thank you so very, very much for the generous donation. That was s generous of you and I really appreciate it.:kisss:
    Merry Xmas, ya Big Lug and a big :kisss: 2 the---->Mrs.
    What's up numb nuts? Hahahaha
    Dude, they killed mine! Your feed kicks ass!!!
    Your birthday kicks ass... I should know, mine is the same day!
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