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  • LOL I dunno I was looking and didn't see a + next to your name!! I thought maybe you were too paranoid to befriend me? :) I got some extra sunglasses
    Sorry, bit slow. Two wiener dogs... thats awesome. I've got two of my own. One's a rescue. Used to do a lot work with rescues... been a while though. Thanks for adding me
    The sky is especially blue today. Think I'll take a ride in hubby's NEW TRUCK. heh heh
    Assuming I can pry him away from the chammy - he's been trying to wash off the entire paint job ever since we bought Roy (which would be its name). Save my seat. Ah'll be bahk . . . check you at kickoff
    Stopped by to take a peek and heard someone mumbling in the back room. Is that you, Dr. Nut? And what the hell is this "conversation" thingie anyway? Way too many newfangled high tech innovations around here for the oldbag. She gets confused. But seems the same old lunatics posting same old lunacy right now. Until there's something besides What Shoe Size Do You Wear to read . . . I'll be a lurkin...
    You did a mock? I must have missed it, I've been trying to figure out what drugs MEPATNUT is using when he mocks... :shake:
    Hey Paranoid.....I can't believe how easy it was to waltz in here and look around at you --- shouldn't you have better security? maybe build walls with that excess snow you got up the yang-yang? something?
    They're watching know who they are.

    Contact Mulder and Scully, they can help you with what you seek.

    C.G.B. Spender
    Finished with my woman cos she couldn't help me with my mind, people think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time...
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