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  • Just letting you know, I'm saving up all my Casino Cash for you to place the major bet on our SB win this year! :patriots!
    No news being the good news around here. Congrats on yr daughter's marriage. Been watching nonstop olympics whilst awaiting kick off. Looks promising, considering future imponderables. Thx for saying hi. Carry on!
    Hi PP! I just read your message from Valentine's Day ROFL I hope all is well with you and your colon lol
    Hey, good luck with the butt inspection. We old folks need to explore every crevice! All I remember about that procedure is . . . well, not much! And NO, not over nuttin and doubt I will be any time soon. Glad to see the little pisser back on our board.
    Yo. Currently building the Berlin Wall across the home so the Mr can watch da Raidahs on one room and moi can watch the Pats down the hall! Peace in the family? Someone's gonna be disappointed!~
    I seem to have suddenly become older than dirt. Just spent my retirement plan trying to save my darn teeth. Misery, pain and A WHOLE LOTTA MONEY!! And yo'sef?
    Hey wait a second there, bub! Just cruising over at you-know-where and what to my wondering eyes should appear but the SAME GALLDARN THREAD you started over here (minus my personal shout out). You need new writers.
    You getting bored over there? Overworked? Underappreciated??? The crowd has been clamoring for your return around here. Great to have you back. (Unfortunately, JD has also started posting again, but you can't have everything in life ...) L.
    Right back atcha. Just got back to CA from visiting the old mommy in NC. Another week off before it's back to the salt mines. And . . . how bout those PATRIOTS!!! Saw a girl wearing a Pats T-shirt in the NC airport and ran over to her like a maniac. Guess she's not the fan I am! :D Here's looking forward to a great year! :patriots!
    And a very Merry Christmas to you as well
    And NEW YEAR, May you get locked in something other then a shed
    Merry Christmas to you as well, sir!

    I've been really busy picked up the pace and then I received a promotion - plus, four kids and all of their activities are hard to keep up with.

    One of these boring nights I'll wander over and have the top score by at least 101 points. :thumb:
    I never check that e-mail address any more, I need to change it to the one I use all the time. Sorry
    haha yeah I wish we had the night game because my family usually eats around 2. Some rearrangements must be made or I will sit and watch the game while everyone else eats lol Nice that your daughter will be coming down though!
    Hi PP! I don't get to post much myself anymore. I come on here quickly to keep posted on Babs as well and that's about all I have time for I guess :) Work is pretty hectic right now. Other than that things are great :) How are you doing? No more golf until Spring now?
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