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    Looking At The Patriots 2022

    I made a $50 bet with a Jet fan friend. He begged me to shake hands. $50 to the fan of the team who finishes higher. I never make bets like this.
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    Pritchard was channeling his inner Jerry Sichting yesterday. Great win. Grant Williams was pissing me off early but more than made up for it.
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    Stidham to Raiders

    I'm drawing a blank on this one...
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    #183 - Kevin Harris, RB, South Carolina

    Just 1 fumble in 393 college rushing attempts. BOOM
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    NFL Draft rounds 4 through 7

    Chiefs just announced their latest pick from Munich, Germany. :oops:
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    Pats 2nd Round #50 Pick -- Tyquan Thornton

    I'm guessing N'Keal had good times? I guess I could look it up but you know...lazy.
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    Most hated villains

    Scott Farkas (A Christmas Story) Mol (Inception) Heath Ledger's Joker (Dark Knight) Bobby Axelrod (Billions) Hans Gruber (Die Hard) Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs) Jaws (Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me)
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    NFL Draft Day 2 Rounds 2&3

    Is Metchie more a target for Mac or do his skills warrant the 85th overall pick?
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    NFL Draft Day 2 Rounds 2&3

    Booth or Dean at 54 (hopefully) Will Metchie still be there at 85?
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    Advise needed

    This is by far the best response in this thread. I would even say that you won the internet for that day
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    Random Football News 2022

    Would love to see him in a Pats uni but he's gonna want too much moola... If you remember the last time a day passed without any big-name drama in the NFL, let us know. A day...
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    The Fitness Thread

    Good luck!!
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    The Fitness Thread

    Great topic Alk. I typically run three days and workout 2 - 3 when I'm not in Cross Country season. I change that to running 5 days per week and no working out. I was 210 when I started running in 2013. Got down to 167 when I did the marathon in 2017. Optimal weight for me is 175 (I'm just...
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    Happy Birthday pig!

    Happy Belated Piggy!!