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  • I miss you being here. I know you used to get on me, but it was better times when you posted here.
    I just saw that you won't be in Indy until Saturday. Bummer. I will be there Thursday & Friday but will be headed back to Ohio on Saturday morning. To bad becuase I planned on kidnapping you & taking up the road a bit to show you Ohio State.
    Unfortunately, no :( I have my son full time. Which is great, but not conducive to a social life. Wish I could! Enjoy! :)
    it was a pic of bradys head photo shopped on the body of an lingerie football league player....holy think I posted a murder scene.....some ppl have zero sense of humor
    I need to finalize some things, wife needs to get sitter for the kids ( I have a special needs daughter) & when we arrive in Indy I will PM you my cell#. I really didn't think about going until my friend called me & told us to head on down if we can.
    Haha I meant to post that in the Superbowl Related media thread but I sent it to you. Hope you enjoyed them though lol :thumb:
    Glad CP worked out for you! They make some of my shirts, too. Look forward to seeing them! has live press conferences from Indy tonight starting at 6PM. You can watch them right on your computer.
    That's too funny. I'm glad you guys can atleast have fun and not be a**holes. I don't know about you, but I'm anxious as hell. Maybe you're not because everything looks to be in your favor, but we all need Sunday to happen now.
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