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  • So sorry. This post wasn't directed at you. I sincerely hope you didn't take it that way.
    A while back I think johnlocke started a similar thread and it didn't take long for it to get political.
    Jokes on him because there is no stick for the 2020 GT500. Besides, a human can not shift as quickly as the computer can. That car can run 10.6 in the quarter miles straight from the factory. All you have to do is drop the air pressure in the rear tires to about 24psi
    Did you run over bmooney's cat? Don't know why he is hating on you so bad, but I agreed w your comments about today's atrocity.
    Well I appreciate that. You are as well. Don't you hate when you are trying to make a point and people are not getting what you are trying to say? Its frustrating, especially on this board.
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