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  • The only time I’ve ever been to Sebring is when I camped close to there with my family when I was 10-11 years old. It seemed to be more poor and run down to be honest. A quick look says the median home prices there are lower than the rest of Florida’s, which isn’t good. In general, I’d recommend to look on the East coast of Florida more than the West coast.
    lmao the threads were opened up again lol. But this time the mods mean business. The lefties flip out every time i post a meme or a video. what about my fla qustion?
    Yeah? What happened? Let me guess, the ad homs didn’t stop when I took a hike and continued. Then some selective moderation happened, it was an unmitigated disaster, and they locked the threads? Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll all be back open soon enough. They should just reopen the political forum over there and be done with it.
    i have a fla question for you. what do you know about sebring fla? is it a red county? im putting my house up for sale in two weeks. the real esate prices look great down there. and the homes look really nice for my price range.
    I like it. It's a welcome change. Nice to be able to post takes on the Pats without some homer getting triggered. I'll miss PatsFans. Lots of cool posters over there that I've gotten to know over the years and Ian, who I actually talked with frequently. But I'm not a fit for what they're trying to do over there these days and that last instance was the last unfairly-applied moderating that I was willing to deal with. It's a shame but it is what it is.
    fucking libtards. Keep listening to your father. He sounds like a smart guy. The older you get. The more you will appreciate him.
    I donated hundreds. I just got tired of having my posts deleted and getting locked out of threads... particularly this time around. Especially when my opponent basically called me "dumb" and had his post kept. Ah well. It was good 14 years while it lasted. I won't be back even if I wanted to. I changed my email to some bullshit email and then changed my password to adskfhasdlfasdjflajsdf and logged out.
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