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  • Thanks for the rep. You know, I try to put down in words of how I feel about things like this and it comes off like I want everyone to give up guns and this is not the case. I want responsible people to be able to buy guns as much as they want. This is no different when they give out loans to qualified people, and there are security risks on non qualified people. My family and my friends have guns, I grew up around them, they are not for me, but I understand why they are wanted by people.
    Steve-O's is a master at making excuses for the choking of those he supports. Obama has given him plenty of practice for this.
    Look if you think I'm handsome, just say it. You're welcome on the comments. I have a lot of respect for the branches of public service that keep me safe (and once upon a time, in line). The sweatshirt was actually a X-mas gift from one of my cousins. That pic was Christmas 2008. I can see if he remembers where he got it for ya. :shrug:
    They are hostile because that nonchalant "oh poor me I didnt do nothing" attitude is so ****ing fake. I hate people like that. I'm sorry I just cant stand it :(
    No HS football for me here...but meeting up might be cool. I have to look up the info on the game, I think I have some stuff going on Friday but if I can make it I will be wearing a Red throwback authentic with the Number 8 on it.

    I know nothing about area HS football so I got to check out where and stuff on AZ repub
    Hey Blue not sure you are at all into HS football but our Lancers are playing Chandler Hamilton tomorrow night and it should be KICKASS..And I will be there maybe we could say hey.
    Her paranoid diatribe against the military involvement with the traffic stops near Pendelton several months back demonstrated to my satisfaction how close she is to the rubber room. Mindless drone that I am, this veteran didn't feel any special need to endure reeducation from an avowed enemy who isn't currenty holding the power of life and death over him. What's amusing is how few people actually quote her, other people I have on ignore get quoted enough to keep my annoyance level at initial "ignore" thresholds, if Den hadn't started a thread harassing her last week I'd never have known what she was up to regarding the art work.
    Beeep....I'm sorry I'm not here right now, wish I was but instead I put my name on a piece of stupid paper.
    pats-blue, just read that you are going to Iraq (am presuming in a consultancy/private contractor role) --- just take care/try 2 keep in touch & come back safely :thumb::thumb:
    Love the show "Deadliest Catch" but yes very scary and this is a tv show for crying out loud
    I am sorry, for the Health care thread, currently the state of Maine is running a 100,000,00 deficient with maine hospitals and it's kind of caused me to curse anything and everything state health care related
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