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  • Thanks, bro. The banning thing still pisses me off and has taken away some of the shine of this place and notes like yours helps restore it. You're a good dude.
    Just saw the reps, not to mention your harassment of others on their pages. What an ultra-sensitive crybaby wack job you are. Unfortunately for you I'm even more vindictive. Not sure if you'll ever stop making crappy, attacking posts to multiple posters backed by zero evidence. Your fluffy, subjective-based educational background, or the fact that you teach Latin, gives zero credibility no matter how much you think/hope it may.
    Really? Who do you know at Cornell? I'm curious. Just to prove you guys wrong one last time, let me ask you a few things.If you attended Cornell then surely you know Scott in admissions? What does he look like? :) Or maybe you know Prof Blume or Ehrenberg?? Every heard of Moosewood or Peace? What are they exactly? :)

    No, you have not used pure logic. There is no logic in calling someone names which you have done frequently, including TWICE in this message. Oddly enough its the same message where you claim to not use ad homs. lol If you want to see a real troll, look in the mirror.
    First of all, USCD has a great program and staying in Ithaca was never a priority for me, regardless of the fact that Cornell is a better school. San Diego was where we wanted to live and we both had to make sacfricies to make that happen. One day when you grow up and become and adult you'll understand that aspect of life. Now that I have addressed that, I'm done with you. You can continue your vendetta if you choose but hate is a poison that will do nothing but harm to your life as you'll no doubt learn as well. Good luck and good bye.
    Things are stressful but decent 16 year old thinks he is all grown up.:) I used to spend a lot of time in North Andover. I think that is where the THompson CC is?
    OK I missed something in the thread. I gave up on the thread. Both sides were driving me mad..what else is new? ;)
    LMAO 09..I don't get the post on the NBA please slap me upside the head with a 2 x 4 and explain? :)
    Wow!!!! Speechless from that. Do you know what got him down into the asylum in the first place? I saw that he was posting on the main board yesterday. Aside from being a complete ass, I thought he was a little scary, to be honest. I stopped posting and responding to his posts a couple of days ago because he was sending me messages that freaked me out a bit.
    I really do apoligize on that, I was not trying to attack you or make any assumptions, I was throwing a general statement out, but used what you said. I know me and you disagree on things with politics, but in this case, I was being assy on something you did not say at all.
    Hey moron, "my party" didn't do it for 8 years (attacking Bush). They attacked Bush and his failed policies (war, economy, Katrina, etc). Conservatism is dead. Deal with it.
    I have to ask my mother someday if I had a twin that I was seperated at birth from.
    Sorry, I missed your BDay. Hope it was a good one! (I have a cousin who lives in N. Andover who is a retired teacher)
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