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  • Its a shame you dont post here anymore, but I truly understand. Its a cesspool. I do not even really engage anymore. I just leave a post making fun of the crazy and move on. Hope you are all doing well.
    Aren't there any mods in that forum? Some of the posts are vile and way over the top. Seems they are just being allowed to run wild.
    People around here can't get past the political BS about this being yet another example of some kind of "left wing destruction of personal freedoms" to get to the substance of the law: DO something about the puppy mills, etc., that are so cruel to animals. Sorry you were victimized - and sorry the poor dog also went through hell.
    Sorry, to hear that. I was away for awhile myself. But I missed keeping up with the posters on here. I mostly just read now. I started worrying something had happened to you. I love that you are a passionate poster. Take care.
    The existence of such an amount of people who are willing to turn a blind eye to blatant racism just because of getting a tax cut was one of the chief reasons we decided to leave (and let's not even start on the people who are blatantly racist to begin with...). You might not know but my children are mixed race, so it's a personal thing as well as the principle of it. I can say that it's one of the best decisions we've ever made.

    Of course I miss certain things but overall life is so much better here.
    Mercer, Prince, and many other super wealthy individuals belong in prison for their blatant attempts at subverting democracies around the globe.

    Very good chance that the Brexit campaign was fueled by people who didn't want to be subject to new EU financial regulations making it much harder to avoid taxes by way of off shoring.
    I tend to skip over posts from certain people.

    Are you going to be there on Saturday?
    I am not a fan of name calling as you know. I don't mind disagreements (it helps me learn) and never want them to devolve into personal attacks. That does not accomplish anything and can really hurt people's feelings.
    I like to use the rep field just to keep things off of public view. I know we don't agree on many things so rather than doing a lot of back and forth, I like to take it off line just as a benefit to the forum and the Mods. I am always happy to have a longer discussion here.
    I feel the same. BB has an agreement with TB.
    Schefter just said on the radio that BB made the trade with SF bc 1) out of conference, as you said and 2) the Browns fired BB. LOL.
    Yeah. I have always been a fan of Butler. Every CB has limitations but Butler has grit, swag and the knack for the big play. It is really head scratching to me why Bill did not want to pay him more. :(
    I agree. We used to be able to disagree civilly and come to a compromise that was good for the country. I think the country has been simmering over the two party system for quite some time and Trump broke that mold as although he was Republican in name, the Republicans hated him. He is a true populist candidate and really I think that is a big reason why he won. What makes me nervous is if you look at the history of populist world leaders they can tend to go off the rails because they are so in tune with the people that they are blind to the issues of government and what is actually best for the people. My brother who is 13 years older than me told me recently that the era of the two party system is over and Trump is symbolic of this transition. He may be right.
    Me too. This has been a whirlwind. I was recently having dinner with a friend I have known for 20 years. We never talk politics. Never. And half of our dinner was spent talking politics. I suppose it is not a bad thing in a way as we are all much more engaged which is a good thing but it is also mentally exhausting. I am very worried about our nation and praying we don't split. We used to be able to disagree civilly and that seems to be an impossibility now which is unfortunate as we all have things to learn from the other side no matter how much we oppose the viewpoint.

    Anyways, I always appreciate your posts as I do learn and for me that is most important.

    Take care and God bless.
    They're spineless. Most of them.
    I've only seen two republicans speak out and that's worrying.
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