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  • Hey Roachie..just saw your rep question. No, I m not but friends of mine are and are doing a tournament to raise funds for my breast cancer walk so I am working it.
    We're practically neighbors...ok not really... I'm wayyyyyyyyyyy up in Madawaska - about what? 5 1/2 hours north of you...and digging out from a foot of snow - LOVE it!
    While nobody would be shocked by any cut...Brady is on a different level than Seymour, Milloy, etc. Its not even close.
    Yeah, too much time had passed by the time the Coach contacted him. We hadn't really looked there and by the time he applied it was full. Oh well. Maybe Bridgewater :)
    Springfield actually was interested in him but their Athletic Training program is already full so it is a no go. Thanks, I will tell him!
    4:17 is ridiculous!!! This is only Ryans second year running but he loves it. Last winter he ran a 5:10 but his best this year so far is a 4:49. He is much better at outdoor and likes it much more but he does it to keep in shape. He may run at Bridgewater next year but we will see.
    Hey Roachie...question for ya. What time is your top miler running this year? My son runs it and I am just curious about what the times are in other states. Thanks!!
    Yeah, I went all through school with Megan; even more so because our last names were so close together. SSDD Jeff
    It was cool until he ended his post with, you are wrong, just accept it. I hate that crap. I dont mind you having an opinion different than mine, tell me why, but to just do that is what kind of pushed me into that crap.
    Thank you man! You too hope its a good one! Give the little pats fan in the family something nice from santa :)
    Merry Christmas Roachy!!! Well I am hoping so! That is my goal for this winter! :) Even if it is just once atleast I get to try it!
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