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  • Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed your day.
    Thank you sir... I did
    Oh in that case good. lol. I only looked at a few cars. I looked at a couple Camaro's SS, I looked at a GT350 that I actually almost bought. I drove one of the new Supra's. This was the last car I drove and it pretty much had everything I wanted. It has this jumper guages where I can switch into sport mode which my wife hates because its really loud. It has a drag option, sport option makes the steering tight, and it shifts really hard.
    Yeah 10 speed auto. I was told to get the stick from my son of course, but I told him I was old.
    Yeah after years of driving family Mobiles I finally reached an age where all the kids were out, and my wife let me get my dream car. Had it about 6 months now, and it still does not seem real. I get the "Nice car" comments and people rolling up at stop signs wanting to race, things I never experienced before.
    Yeah I do the Kakaschmear thing at every opportunity. Thanks for your support. :wave;
    Thanks! Ain't too proud to beg.
    Hey boyfriend! hehe <3
    nowhere to go but tits up
    hey nice to meet you!!
    Lol, Garth. :D
    Thanks 4 your post re: the TB situation...since I am out of available REP, having exhausted it all mainly on (-)MMs this profile TYVM will have 2 do 4 now :thumb: did it again.....:)
    LOL, my husband and my kids eat some weird shit.
    I actually knew nothing of this..I'll have to play around on here later.. Thanks for being my friend <3 CJ
    damn...I am a lucky MoFo
    I like the top.......:)
    Guess you'll be on top. not an unenviable place to be
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