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  • I about that earlier. He was a mole for the WH at DOJ. Not well liked at all, and many in the department are very concerned.
    WOW! Thanks SOOO much. And this is a real possibility since sister lives in Wilmington, right next door to Myrtle Beach. I'll have to wait until the storm passes by, but I'm going there for Thanksgiving this year so this may actually be doable in real life! Again, many thx
    Oh, I know! I posted in one of the threads a little while ago for one of the usual suspects who wanted to know how he obstructed. So I quoted that and said "Obstruction".
    I tried to explain exactly that to him last week, that if he was still cooperating the sentencing recommendation could change. But, hey, what do I know.
    I'm out for awhile. I'm way too distraught about these kids and can't tolerate any justifications/support for the person doing it. I need a break.
    I didn't even bother reading his whole commentary. I knew the questions weren't written by a legal scholar the second I saw them. I see interrogatories every day of my life, and these didn't come close to legalese. But I responded without reading the article first.
    Yeah, he REALLY doesn't like me and calls me out whenever he gets the chance. Talk about arrogant and smug, but whatever.
    I see you don't post anymore. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and Happy New Year :)
    I had also stopped for a few months. But sometimes I feel the need to say what I have to say. Stop in sometime. You're one of the good ones.
    It was just a coincidence, I had no idea you worked at MGH (though I might need to visit their psych unit if I spent too much time talking to the people in the Political Playground).
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