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  • Take a look at my last post in the Colts empire thread & let me know if I'm way off base here.
    Colts got a very good player in Bjoern Werner. He can do a lot of things very well. I heard the Kruger comparison, & that is true, but I think more like, Osi Umenyiora.

    Trust me. The kid can ball & has a non-stop motor.
    Wish we had a 2nd rounder but Davis was well worth that pick.

    Need a soild 3rd pick, OL? & a good day on Saturday to shore this thing up.

    I love Ryan Grigson.
    You got exactly what I was hinting at, but did not come out and say...anytime I hear, oh I am ok if businesses do not let blacks in or Hispanics in because they can do what they want, it makes me question that person's intent a bit.
    Hamilton makes sense, but I question some of the Stanford playcalling this year. The ND game & the Rose Bowl come to mind. Now, I have no idea if Pep dialed up the plays for Stanford or David Shaw. If Pep is the new OC, Fleener & Allen will be key cogs in the offense. You can count on that.
    It's a beautiful state though I don't like the twists in politics lately around here. I am tired of the cold and ice, though. And you have to love the Broncos, come on...

    Just found this vid on YouTube. PFM driving up to autograph seekers.

    Another great one.
    Oh of course....we never get too heated...well except when I called you a liar, but I am sick and working late setting up a server, so I am assy. The great thing about you from colts fans I have argued with, is you are actually rational, rather than Brady is a sucky cheater who is in a system that makes him good.
    All the pressure is on the teams playing the colts. Indy isn't even supposed to be here. They will be loose & let it all hang out. These youngsters don't know any better.
    I think the colts have a shot against Balt. Need to slow down Ray Rice & force Flacco to throw a pick or two.
    Hope you had a great Christmas, bro. I wanted to let you know that Bruce Arians name has surfaced as a possible replacement for the soon to be fired Pat Shurmur.
    I got into it in a thread with him last, and it was really the first time I posted over there even though I had been a member for years. I got so many PMs that it was insane. I let everyone over there know EXACTLY who he was. ROFL
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