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  • Most likely the same reason. But the pope has gotten nailed over there. You should read the thread in their PF about the shooting yesterday. He is completely insane
    This Lions game as me a little worried. Stafford & Megatron could have a huge day against our secondary.
    No, I don't think it was him. It could have been, but there are one or two other people that I'm thinking in lieu of him. I could be wrong, but he's usually not quite that abrasive. And that stupid dumbass, you know the one I'm talking about, actually laughed over that offensive and despicable drawing. Makes me sick to my stomach.
    We need to beat the fish! Little worried because Miami has a pretty good D & they have been playing some good ball.
    I did. Both young teams that are learning their way. Colts made a few more plays & were able to hang on. Not sure about Arians. I know he is a respected OC but I think he some of his calls are real head scratchers.
    And you think I would care why???? That's why I post things like that. It's my little private chuckle.
    I haven't seen Middie today.Maybe he is going to sit out a while. All this Brady bashing is bad for his mental health. Also, don't be too overly concerned about Luck. He's going to have his ups & downs all year. Other than Wayne, Indy has all young inexperienced wr's including the two promising TE's. RB Brown isn't the greatest but at least he is a vet. Missing him is a bigger loss than it looks on paper. We don't need to talk about the OL. Luck will just fine. Better than fine
    It makes me sick, too. Hopefully, I'll make enough comments that his true colors will come out and he won't last long.
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