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  • I'd like to know how you quit dipping because I would like to give up it myself. I've been dipping Copenhagen for damn near 30 years.
    ESPNU is going to show the Fiesta Bowl between Stanford & Oklahoma St. on July16th 12:00am. Set your DVR & you can get a good look & Luck & Fleener.
    Still here. I thought for sure I would get a vacation. I saw your post & thank you for your kind words. Any idea how Luck looked in mini camp?
    Who you want tonight, bro. Fleener makes a ton of sense but I like Upshaw. Stephen Hill would also be nice.
    I hadn't made a formal announcement of my plans to return, but I was drinking last night, so I guess this is it. I actually moved back home to Florida this winter. Nothing really went great in Minnesota, wasn't thrilled with the program/school, and I missed all my friends back in New England and everything else. But yeah, I'm going to grad school up in New Hampshire this fall, going after my MBA, then hopefully I'll actually stick around this time! ;)
    Bummer that Keith Butler backed out. I think he would have been a perfect fit. I hope Pagano finds the right DC but this late it could be tough.
    In Cleveland he worked under Butch Davis & even though the browns weren't all that good ( shocking I know) the db's were very good. Bunch of ball hawkers. I think during his time there they had like 22 picks. Not bad. I would go to watch training camp practices & I recall that he was always out on the field joking around with guys but would also jump their ass for mistakes. I hope he does well. I think I will order a colts cap & some gear today from the colts proshop. I'm going to jump on this bandwagon. You guys didn't hire Tressel but you employed him for one year & got his name out there by interviewing him. That goes a long, long way with me. In the end you probably got the right guy but the solid Indy did for Tress makes me a fan of the colts organization.
    Congrats on your new coach,PC. He seems like a good hire. I don't know a thing about your OC but I would make damn sure to have a very good one in place. The guy you have now might ok, I don't really know so maybe you're fine in that area.
    Now don't hate me PC, but I think Tres is going to be your coach. Last week I never would have thought it. Not a chance. Now however, I think it's going to happen. I could say a lot of things about him positive & negative but I know I'll be looked at as biased so I'll keep quiet.
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