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  • I keep hearing reports that Caldwell will be retained. I'm sorry, bro. I know you & most colts fans want him gone, & he should be fired. I've said it here a bunch of times that I have no idea how he even got a HC job & is able to keep it. I'm telling you, by keeping him it will set your program back one year. I've seen with the browns.
    I'm a browns fan but I have no issue with the colts. I do look at your home board from time to time. I get a kick out of that dacoats guy & omaha something or other. Since this board is all pats & colts I try to learn as much as I can about both teams. No reason to talk about the browns around here. They suck.
    Typical abused child syndrome all around. She never lets anyone "beat her down" in her arguments and looks at belt whipping as "spanking." Talks about loving the parent anyway without realizing that that is typical abused victim syndrome. So does a beaten wife try to do things right so her husband will "love" her. BTW, I do have a M.S. in psychology...don't practice, but I think I have a little more knowledge on how it affects people in the long run than she does.
    I truly need to stay out of that thread, but I can't. It's infuriating me that she blocked me, and I really wish someone would continually quote what I say so that she HAS to see it. She's like a robot, the voice of reason, and she is so deluded that I wonder if she is a recluse living in a cabin in the woods somewhere ready to just explode on the first person that comes near her. I've lost all sanity when it comes to this thread. I almost never go into the PF because I can't deal with the rigidness and the dethrottling that takes place when you don't agree, but this thread drew me in. I hate myself now. lol
    I wish I could get to the "hilarious" phase. I'm still raging over this. I've broken a half dozen pencils, threw my water against the wall, and cannot deal with her insanity or the fact that she blocked me because she COULDN'T RESPOND to my posts or calling her out. Perhaps it's the fact that she met her match and only responds when she feels she can talk down to people. Hypocritical coward.
    Now that I would like to slice my wrists open while in a warm bath, I think I'll take a break from the PF. That coward blocked me so she couldn't see any of it anyway. I guess she can't stand up to criticism. But what do I know, I'm part of the PC crowd. :shrug:
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