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  • LOL He is a fan of all New England teams thankfully. He never watched golf like he does now and it might have something to do with his dad passing away so I just let him be. I get into it sometimes lol
    no way that is a super impressive putt!! I have kinda sorta gotten into golf now since the boy makes me watch it often LOL
    It was a semi-drunken bet. I'm killing myself now. He copied the link and posted it on Facebook. :banghead:
    Thanks. I will. I bought 4 or 5 toys for him. He is going to be more interested in the wrapping paper and bows!!!!!! You have a great Christmas too. :toast:
    OMG he is so friggin cute!!!! I can see why it sux having to bring him to day care. I'd have a hard time leaving him!!! Congratulations again!
    Thannnnks! As you can see I am still not back back lol I get on when I can. Stupid work blocking everything!!
    I think the magic number is 12 pounds then they sleep much better.:) ANy new pics?

    Yeah..no kidding I just laugh at the situation sometimes like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?:) I guess this is my karmic payback for the horrible teen I was. heheee
    How old is he now? Yeah newborn time can be very stressful. Just know it will pass quickly!

    They are just nuts..oh well I can only hope and pray that my son acts with half a brain in his head.:)
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