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  • The UK Pats party at the Sport Cafe was jammed packed and excellent. The NFL Tailgate was so-so, nothing to write home about. Never did get to the Green Man either. Wembley was fantastic and the victory was even sweeter considering we had Bucs/Anti-Pats fans around us. Had a good time with them.
    hey Ras, how did u get on in London my man? Soz never met you, didnt even make it to the green man pub, long story but Flight was delayed, checked into hotel and went straight to ground. Totally Enjoyed the Experience, was disappointed with the Booing when TB & Co were on the field, didnt expect that. Were the Tailgating parties any good?
    Dude. Hope we never fugged anyone you knew up. You described us to a tee. We had endzone seats under the diamond vision. We always moved to the Pats sideline when no one showed to the game. Lots of alcohol and some stupid stuff against Jests and Doofins fans stoopid nuff to wear colors to teh games...sorry and kinda embarrassed now.
    Yes. I've had mine for a couple of weeks now. I also have the NFL Tailgating tickets and picked up tickets to the AS Roma/Fulham match on Thursday night before the game at Wembley. I'm going to the Green Man pub before the NFL Tailgate before the game on Sunday and have put in a request for tickets to the UK Pats thing on Saturday night. Are you going to any of those events? If so, I would definitely like to hook up and meet you.
    Hey Ras, did you get your tickets for the game in Wembley yet? i got mine delivered about 10 days ago via a Fed-Ex Envelope (just letting you know)
    Hey Ras, only just seen your thread, i wish you all the best my man, i hope your comming to terms with things and everything is going well. mind yourself and take care
    Hi Ras, hope all is well with you.
    No Mate i dont have them in hand yet, they will post them to me in October via a courier that i need to sign for them so should be safe
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