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  • I've got a replacement phone, but all of my contacts got teh obliterated.

    Good luck tonight against the Bills.
    Well, you are teh awesome, so they think correctly.

    Now you need to take that sentiment and translate it into more money. :D
    Stressed, but okay. I'm in Ohio right now with Amy. We stopped a couple of hours outside of Cleveland and will drive the rest of the way tomorrow. Appointment is on Wednesday. My phone got destroyed, so all of my contacts are teh lost.

    How are you? :kisss:
    thanks, funny how we complete the cycle but to be honest I am just glad for him the pain and suffering part is over - tough to see a big man crumble
    Finals are over as of last night. My marketing professor shook my hand when I turned in my exam and said he hopes I continue on into grad school. I just laughed and said "first things first."
    Well, it may be a problem if John ever moves back on account of his allergicnessability to teh felines.

    But, Laura and Mikey might take her.
    Yup. They gave me some antibiotics for her, brought her home, and put her in a big cardboard box from a TV.

    Hmmm...my pussy is in a box.

    I know there's something there, but I can't quite put my finger on it.
    ROFL @ teh e-Card!

    I can't tell you how many times that's happened to me. ROFL
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