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  • Jaric is a great guy, isn't he? I wish he would post more on the Colt's boards, but he seems to prefer this board more. Go figure. ;)

    Thanks for the invitation to stick around. Although it has been difficult at times, I am finding posting here enjoyable myself. So, I do plan to continue. My life is just a bit complicated right now. As I posted in another thread, I have a granddaughter with severe medical issues.

    I also have a husband who went blind three year's ago. That's why I made mention of Maxjax in one post. He was the only one (of all the fans on who took the time to give me words of comfort when I made a post about my husband in a thread. Oh, some chimed in after that. But, my post was ignored until Maxjax came along.

    Anyhow, if you don't see me around much; it's not because I'm put off by this board. It's just that I have my hands pretty full.

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