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    What Haven't You Done?

    lol. he doesn't do much... just kidding.
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    slang on the net...

    yeah, what the hell does this mean????
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    Source: Chad Jackson released

    thanks for Mike Vrable fwiw... he is panning out quite nice so far.
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    OT:Songs you hate the most

    everything else is... eh.
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    slang on the net...

    what does bbq mean in this place? I loved eating bbq, but in this place it might mean something else. what does pwned mean? owned would be my guess. teh must mean the. I have to assume most of this stuff.
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    OT:Songs you hate the most

    classical is my "thang"... I love it.
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    slang on the net...

    is there a slang reference handy for all of these new fangled "words"? Just curious. I need one handy...
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    Is Mike Shanahan a drunk?

    you have a nice ass...:hump:
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    OT:Songs you hate the most

    no. not really. you?
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    OT:Songs you hate the most

    anything with that talentless ass clown belongs in teh shitter...
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    Why did we cut Lynch and Jackson a date later?

    Yeah, but, we also could have had Anquan Boldin too... that 1 really hurt us.
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    OT:Songs you hate the most

    i get knocked down, and i get up again... that was a goodn. my nominees: unbreak my heart. i heard that a thousand times (forced to). anything by acdc. the guys voice just really sucks teh ass. most pop. most new country. most rap. anything by nickle back. ugh. anything glam...
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    OT: Okay, am I the only one?

    yeah really... there isn't a point for any of that stuff. it's all cumming off anyways.
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    What do you prefer on your hashbrowns?

    hash browns are teh yuck... gross. hash on the other hand...