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  • Thanks man!!!
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    I have already been wrong about many things - but I thought he would have a Benjamin Watson like resurrection. Not a super star, but good in most games.

    I might have been wrong about Maroney, but I think we both will be too frustrated about BJGE later in the season.
    LOL, I didnt read your first one till after the game I thought you were being sarcastic. It will be ok. Lots of new moving parts. There were actually some good things too.
    Hey SOKB thanks for the rep. Did I strike a chord with dude in the TC thread without even knowing it? You mean I am a mean beeyatch even when I don't intend to be?;)

    Hope you and the fam are well!!
    I dunno, do you have a TV commercial where you are gesticulating wildly? Dog Bites. EXCELLENT!
    5 minutes in the corner for you!

    This place has gotten really silly. Great idea to have a football only forum. Bad idea to become so overly moderated. If someone is acting like a douche, you should be able to tell them so.
    Could he be any more frustrating? Thank the good Lord he's not a lawyer...the case would go on ad infinitum.
    Dude you want my casino cash? I see you only have 200 bucks & I never play. I just give the stuff away.
    One of my wifes friends is a Nurse at the County Jail that I go to all the time to see clients. She busts my balls about my wierd clients all the time on FB. She seems to like it but all jails have some wierd diseases that circulate in them like MERSA and skin rashes and shit so don't bring that crap home to hubby and the youngins!
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