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  • What? Goofball? I have that chronic condition called Dumb Blonde Syndrome sometimes. It's a horrible affliction that affects so many of us. I should start a charity. :)
    Imma kick yo ass!!!

    Unfortunately, yes. Here's hoping some maniacal muther ****er doesn't come after your little babes :toast:
    Inspired by Middy, please see my new avatar and smartass line under it. ROFL
    That guy is whacked. How the hell did he say what he did to me? If it was in an RG thread, go ahead. But I'm floored. And yes. That bone was stolen or perhaps he was born without one.
    No sense of humor, whatsoever. I can't take that shit. I'm funny as well as classy. What's not to love? ROFL
    I agree 100%. Local, personalized charities is where it's at. A friend of mine and myself did that last year. Bought food for an African village and he delivered it himself. No Red Cross, no nothing. Just buying water, grains, etc and handing it over.

    Now until August, I worked in legal and regulatory in London and I was making a lot of money. Most of my colleagues made a lot of money, too. Most of them always talked about how taxes were taking food out of their mouthes and into the mouthes of bums and claimed that it should all be charity driven. My problem with this is that not a single one of these assholes would ever consider giving to a charity even if they weren't taxed, because people in general were "beneath" them. That's why I think we need a mix of private charity and government handouts.

    We can discuss implementation of government initiatives at a later stage.
    Sure, you're right.
    But I don't mind helping the people who are worse off than me in terms of ability.
    I loathe scammers, though. They should just get jobs. Plenty of jobs pay to scam.
    I am pretty far less to the left than certain people would have you believe.

    Chief difference, however, is that I think you -should- help these people, I just don't think giving them cash is going to help them.
    this is what my buddy sent me when I asked im about it : The last time we stayed we stayed at the Tamarijn – its attached to the Divi. You get privileges at both resorts. Since we’re not going until 2010 – a lot could change but we probably look there first
    yeah, I just think he's getting too much play on the field and not utilizing it well. We have depth there, and we should be using it. He would do better on returns, I think, right now. I really would like to see what Taylor has left, and I definitely want to see more of BJGE. Morris has played really well for us in the past, and I hope I see him more on the field.
    Hey you! Did you say you worked in Lawrence alot? I can't remember and always think you are from my area :shrug:
    Thanks for going back for the Slumdog rep. The tv ads they ran for it made it look like a Bollywood musical, so I could see where you were coming from, but I knew based on your comments on Goodfellas & other movies that when you saw what it was, you'd probably like it. Some times it's fun mixing it up in here and laying down opinions in strong terms, but it's cool when someone owns up to wrong calls.
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