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  • I see Steve-o's reference to this event in post#19 of the "Obama Whines Like a Little Girl" thread, but not any links to video/audio/news covering the event. Which other thread is it in?

    Hopefully his side will keep their heads shoved in the sand and pretend that what they're seeing isn't really happening.
    Thanks for the message. I've enjoyed the banter too. You were one of the people that I meant sounded like William F. Buckley compared to some of the more recent participants.

    It's all been in fun and there have been many good conversations, but I'm going to try to spend less time screwing around on the internet for a while and maybe seek out another political forum at some point. Hopefully, one with a more even mix of people from the left and right, though probably some of the things I don't like here, I'll find everywhere else too.
    My kid is in school during the day. My computer is on 24/7 and I come in and out of this room because it's boring with no one to talk to...unless I am out. I'm just here baking 300 something cookies for Christmas right now. Other than that I am self-employed and work from home part-time on computer. Business has been very slow for awhile and I did look for a job part-time to get out more but it's very, very slow.

    Now shouldn't you be lecturing others who are here just as much as I about this too. Why just me?
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