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  • I didn't know he was one at first. I was head over heels he was so nice. His roomates told me he was a communist one day and I wouldn't believe it. Plus he worshipped the devil. They told me to go into his room one day during the say and look at the picture he had on the wall. Sure it enough it was a human with little horns. Couldn't see it at night. I finally asked him and he admitted it. He broke up with me though and I was devasted...but I got over it. Didn't date him long enough for those feelings to last. Yup! He mooched all the time too. Never pulled his weight.
    Yeah, see I asked if he was whining....even though he's spinning. On the surface that is.
    That's his way of whining without having to show or admit it.

    As to stealing, yeah, everyone does it here to some extent but he's here 95% of the day and advocates stealing for his ideology. Only a socialist would do that to their employer and have zero guilt....afterall they are just greedy exploiter. See the difference?

    Anyhow he doesn't fool me about getting his work done. There's no way one can be here that much in the design profession, which is high pressure with overtime, and get their work done. He's mooching full time.

    I oughta know, I dated a socialist and his roomates complained about his mooching all the time. It's inbred in people with that philosophy.
    he's worse then just a dick. He's a belligerent moron who seems to exist ONLY to stir shit up. Funny thing is, he sounds a lot like Bandwagoneer.
    If you can't take the heat get your ass off the planet...ha suuure I am you are just making up for your comment LMAO
    If we are going to be in the prehistoric ages, we are going to have fun with it, damnit :p
    LMAO not my best feature IMO but hey three kids nursed happily so they did their job.;)

    Hope you and yours are well!!
    well, it's the only way he'll get anybody to agree with him. I mean, not even PSC is that big a clown.
    dude, I seriously believe that silvio is EBF. They seem to show up at the same time and back up each other's looney positions.
    I think you can try and should..we certainly tried to reason with them! The thing of it is ST..the company did NOT have to do that..it is kind of childish behavior. I wish you luck i SO know the struggles. I need to find work after being hoome for some long this is really rough right now. *hugs*
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