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    Did the Patriots Get a Steal Drafting Mac Jones at #15 or Nah?

    having watched literally no college football last year and only reading snippets of the draft analysis I would say we did alright. I'm also super biased against running QB's so that could be coloring my opinion. By and large what I've read of him is 1. Strong Arm 2. Accurate 3. Good progressions...
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    does gun control work - a keep the debate in one thread idea

    I'm bored so I'm going to walk in here and kick a hornets nest. How do we feel about my right to own a rocket propelled grenade launcher? They fit the technical definition of "arm" (a weapon you bear) They would be of critical importance during an armed rebellion Are my rights to own a...
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    Trump - Displays no Contrition for Riot

    people accepting the whole "none of this is my fault" schitck is one of the weirdest to me. This is a real inside baseball discussion but even Jocko seems to give him a pass on this. His book is titled "Extreme Ownership". It's in the title!
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    BB to receive Presidential medal of freedom

    I would prefer he decline it in light of recent events but as a person who trys to look on the bright side I do know some steelers fans who's head will explode at the thought of "belicheat" winning the medal freedom
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    Twitter taking out the trash

    Donald Trump is an individual and not a "class"
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    Week 6, Broncos @ Patriots

    I have to imagine NFL season is on the verge of collapse. They're at least going to have to fundamentally overall haul the schedule. Maybe just make a pool of "healthy" teams every week and pick the matchups on like Thursday?
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    These f king demorats

    1. Yes, yes he did. They're were already cases of community infections in the states by that point, also didn't address traveling from other hotspots like italy but hey he did ban travel from China. Super Skeptical that made an appreciable difference but I cant argue that he did it. 2. You do...
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    These f king demorats I mean I happen to disagree with you, emergencies are for what emergency powers exist for. But let's set that aside. and I was tempted to put...
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    The 2020 NFL Season Of COVID Gets An Asterisk

    I vote for a 5 Round Single Elimination Tournament for the season. Everyone gets to watch a little football we minimize the chance of killing any players, everybody wins.
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    America says, "Hold my beer! We got this!"

    I don't know what South Korea's strategy is but I did read articles that suggested that Germany's method of broad based testing and immediate admittance of anyone with warnings has having a very positive impact on mortality/infection
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    America says, "Hold my beer! We got this!"

    I didn't see this post, I apologize. Yes those are spikes, those spikes in Japan are literally 100 times smaller then the USA. Secondly, the last report I read, those countries are reporting much higher rates...
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    America says, "Hold my beer! We got this!"

    In regards to the question of "what more could Trump have done?" And the answer is, from perspective, anything. Since there was functionally no federal response. There could have been a national stay at home order, we could have compelled for companies to making masks in the early days (prior...
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    America says, "Hold my beer! We got this!"

    There no reason to discuss the official numbers being released from china but they're ample anecdotal evidence that they have at least contained the spread which is impressive considering they had no forewarning. (not that we chose to take much advantage of it) Secondly, you didn't acknowledge...
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    America says, "Hold my beer! We got this!"

    Germany, Japan, South Korea? Nevermind China.
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    America says, "Hold my beer! We got this!"

    There is ample evidence around the world prove this was not, and still isn't, inevitable.