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  • Why would they think that? LOL You do have the coolest name on the board...But our personalities are a bit different and it shows in our writing...I thought I saw something regarding you and I being the same person,but I laughed it off....LOL
    I do like me some godsmack. But alot of their stuff sounds almost hte same with some slight differences. I actually just want to go mostly to see 5FDP.

    Summer has gone by ridiculously fast. But isn't the weather where you are like summer year round? lol
    I am pretty sure I will be going to this one :) Godsmack and 5FDP and Drowning Pool. AND it's a Friday night :D

    I am good :) Lots of good shows coming around this October. How have you been?
    I'm a hands on kind of girl. I like to be out there and minglin with people. Not at a desk with a computer. If I could sing I'd be lead singer for a Rock band LOL That is my ultimate dream but I wasn't blessed with a singing voice :) I gotta start job hunting now so I can find something better than this crap.
    ohhh I see. I file sales taxes :suicide: I'm lookin for a way out. I really do hate the corporate world to be honest. It just wasn't made for me.
    Why are you in the sun? And if so why are you on the planet? LOL Beer and sun the way to my heart lol
    It's good. My brother's wedding is less than 2 weeks away so things are getting really busy for me. Work isn't helping any either adding an hour commute each way to my days. Still don't have anyone to go to the concert with me. How about you?
    July 27. I am taking too many days off for my brother's wedding so I gotta see if I can pull it off but probably not :( I'm sure they will be back though!
    I can't youtube from work but I will check it out once I get a working computer at homne again lol
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