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  • I had the same side bar conversation with DEE. Told HER don't get sucked him. Told her I'm just :poke: him. I'm trying hard to not get sucked in top his inane conversational vortex.

    He says the absolute silliest shit imaginable and I feel my job is just to follow him and hi-light the silly shit.

    Cheers, bostonTim
    We are doing really good. Watching her suffer was brutal,but she is no longer suffering and that gives me great comfort.
    Nope, it isn't. But she isn't normal, so.... :shrug: I've had a couple of dust-ups with her before. She's actually impossible to have a debate with because she's always right.
    I can assure you, she is not. This is her typical pattern. She is a sickeningly arrogant, self-righteous know-it-all. BTW, she's blocked me, I believe, so she can't see any of my posts....which is probably why I haven't gotten any responses from her since I my first couple of posts. She's a coward.
    Haha yea its an awesome experience I didnt really remember the the early 90's ones but the last one was great because I could appreciate it!
    congrats brother, hope you and your soon got to see the parade! was on vaca so havent been on the computer much; would have texted ya but didnt have your # enjoy!
    I'm pumped and I am only a bandwagon fan! It is a great feeling though!!!! I remember jumping on my kids when the Sox finally won!!
    Hey...just wanted to tell you how excited I am for you. I know what a diehard you are so I really hope they win it for guys like you!! Good luck!
    Hey dude. I've been in self imposed exile. I've only recently begun to check shit out around here.

    I'm tempted to jump back into the mix, then I see mods threaten people with "timeouts" and I remember why I stopped posting.

    Seriously....how long do you think I'll last if I start posting again full time? You know me...
    It's cool. Just that those lil men are like my children and I am sure you wouldn't want anyone talking about 'winning' with your kids right?
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