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  • We still friends? Just checking.
    And well you should brag about your son. He has an awesome mom and that has leaked into him.
    We are, thanks! Glad to hear it! Hope your new (ish) job is going fantastic as well.
    My PM box is full so I'm being lazy...I hope you are doing well and are happy. You deserve it!!! :)
    Always proud of you!!!!
    They're called Sunquest Information Systems. Laboratory software mostly.
    So I just read through the entire "offending" thread and didn't see a single comment that qualifies as any kind of harsh "telling off." I know she also left a year or so ago following some political dispute, but came back. They all come back. :) Catnip for Pats fans. Anyhoo - I hereby absolve you of any and all culpability. :kisss:
    Queen - screeching, ear-piercing vocals with a lead singer that could saw a phucking tree down with his teeth.
    Fingers crossed, no pinkeye for the Jake guy (yet). Shitty way to find out Dylan had it - he had a friend from school over and the kid's mom pointed it out. WHOOPS!
    I didn't go to the game. I stayed home and watched it with my quarantined-due-to-pinkeye-son, Dylan :)
    Okay, gotcha!
    You got that right. Another fantastic Christmas. I hope you can echo that sentiment. Happy Holidays.
    Merry Christmas to you too!!!!
    LOL. Thanks Joy!!!!
    I work out.
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