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  • I don't know and don't need to know what is going on with IndyPatriotsfan But I get a feeling that this may be more of a personal mental heath issue for him. Perhaps there is away to ask people to politely lay off the sarcasm toward him.
    No worries! I don't spend as much time as I used to here, so I'm glad you picked it up. Stay safe!
    Howdy! I haven't been able to access the forums through Tapatalk since the name change. Has anyone else reported this? Any suggestions? Thanks, Ben
    Hi, Would you mind changing my screen-name/user-name to 93North, assuming no one has reserved this name. I would like to become a contributing member of the board but my choice of screen-names keeps getting in the way. Appreciated
    It's kinda depressing, personally. I go to the planet, open football forum and there's like five Mega threads and nothing else. You start you're own silly tread and get 2 seconds later a reply with a link (or a reprimand) indicating that someone else owns the topic and it's over in the mega-thread entitled. "random shit not worth putting in the random shit not worth starting a thread over thread". Or Something.

    How do you post pictures on a post? It asks for a url, but I have them stored on my computer?
    Just occurred to me on 2nd reading of this thread what your comment was. The post you replied to was from one I made before the 1st Jests game, not the one tomorrow night. Hope the opportunity to view an actual broadcast will be worth it!!
    Hi sweetie so good to see you posting again, hope you and the family are doing well. :hug:
    Hey UT, dont know the full story mate, but hope all is ok with you and your defo missed from the site here, whatever the situation is, hope u come back to us my man :)
    Just wanted to say hi, and I miss you! Hope you're able to visit/post more often soon!
    Hey UT, dont see much of u here anymores, Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)
    Can you do me a favor and decimate this account? Im so done with this place after the repeated bullshit. I think you got a good spot for your fanbase and I wish you the best. I'd still like to ask for your help with some development of my new spot if that's okay with you. If not, then that's fine as well, but I'd appreciate this one favor. I'm going to find another Patriots spot and try to work my way in there.

    All the best,


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