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  • FF3 uploaded (it is faster). Still getting the weird pic issue. I give up for now! Thanks anyhow.
    I'll try it and let you know if it solves the issue - if it doesn't I guess it's a computer setting, I'll work on it.
    No I did the previous version, the last I saw of FF3 it seemed very prototypical. I'll check it out and give it a shot, thanks.
    Hi UT, please check Babalu87's thread about "Who has never posted in the last thread" thread. I clicked on it and my computer made this terrible screech noise and my Kapersky program gave me a warning that it had dangerous software attached to it. I have never got a message like that before. I closed out the internet and restarted my computer to be safe. I don't know much about such things, but with the English board going down, I figure better safe than sorry. Thanks.
    Being a woman, I am invoking my perogative. I changed my mind! lol I think I'll stay around for a while since PP is a great distraction for me from my problems and , besides, I missed it.
    Hi, I have played some games in the arcade, but can't post any scores. It says my user group is not allowed to do so. How do I get in the proper user group? Thanks.
    I have a slight problem with what you wrote.

    "What a big pile of crap this thread is. I thought we had already asked nicely for people to stop posting in this manner. Yes we did, and I said "When you post, please keep in mind who might be reading here, and how the subject you are posting about might affect them. This goes for all kinds subjects including suicides and strokes."

    I'm sick of having to deal with it and read the garbage. It would easier to close this forum and use bannings instead."

    I'm not sure who you are talking to, but I'm not sure you read some of the stuff that is said down there by others about patriot players and coaches and because someone didnt die, its all fine and dandy. Now I have not made fun of anything related to dungys son's death, but If I make an opinon on my belief that dungy is not a great father and offer reasons as to why, which by the way didnt include his son committing suicide, why am I more at fault than someone talking about brady being a dead beat dad, or bruschi had a stroke cause of roids? Im not trying to be a hard ass here, but I think some things are being left out.
    Hey UT, can you change the name of my Mayoral election thread to "Patriots Planet mayoral election thread"?

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