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  • Thanks for the apology. I didn't follow you around though.
    Stuff I say most of the time is tongue in cheek.

    The snowflake thing.. I just saw who your friends were. :)
    It's not taught in school the same way it is in other places of the western world, to be honest. Generally speaking that is.

    I'm probably picking up my family and moving to London sometime in 2015. I think it's probably the best decision I could make for them.
    It's incredible to be honest. One of many reasons I'm considering moving to Europe.
    I just noticed your avatar. Awesome. I've been to 20 Pearl Jam concerts all over the country. Flew to Dallas last November & took my 14 year old daughter. It was her first ever concert. The band was on fire that night. Good to know yor part of the "Jamily".
    Thank you for the note. In the same vein, I hope I didn't come across as being overly heavy-handed. I look forward to reading more from you.
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