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    This or that?

    I thought we had this stupid thread before, but I couldn't find it on a quick and lazy search. This or that. Reply with your answer to the previous poster and then post a new one for the next poster. I realized I was behind on my stupid thread quota so here you go. Chocolate or Vanilla?
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    State of the board.

    Chaos everywhere. I realize that things have slipped too far here. And actions are being taken. I50 was temporarily banned a few days ago, and based on the nasty message he sent me, if he comes back, he will likely earn a longer banning. I recognize and appreciate the problems. And the...
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    Chiefs signing Josh Gordon

  4. Undertaker #59*

    Belichick on wanting to keep Brady

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    The media and old quotes

    This morning I put an old Ron Borges quote about the Patriots in the Saints thread, to illustrate how negative the media has always been. It was fun reading it again. So as to not derail that thread, here are some more... Feel free to add to them. "Belichick will not be so lucky. He doesn't...
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    Super Wild Card Weekend

    What a dumb name. Will now have a Monday night game for.... Reasons. Monday night games suck. View:
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    Jamie Collins? (round 3?)

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    Gamete Thread - Saints @ Patriots - Sun. Sept. 26 1PM (FOX)

    Oh when the Saints Come marching in...
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    Your 2021 Patriots Captains.

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    Shit Pats fans say: 2021 Season Preview

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    Upcoming new shows

    I couldn't find a great existing thread to add this to so I am starting a new one. I don't care, ban me. I am too excited for this finally coming true. I started this book series 20 years ago and it is finally coming to a series. View:
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    Cam Newton released!

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    Where would you go if you could time travel?

    Or maybe when would you go? And just so we can avoid any uncomfortable and embarrassing paradoxes, let's assume you can not change anything. You are there to observe only.
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    Patriots 2021 cuts, signings, and practice squad

    Thought we could use a new thread to track the cuts the Patriots need to make. Quite a few by Tuesday I believe.
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    30 years ago, the preseason game that ruined an entire aeason

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    What movie did you walk out on?

    For me, it was Chariots of Fire. I know it was critically acclaimed, but I was bored to tears. I walked into the adjacent theater and saw Raiders of the Lost Ark for a second time instead. But as a bonus for today, I now have Vangellis stuck in my head.
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    CB Shaun Wade?

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    Suggestion and questions box (or Ask the Clown)

    So we will see how this goes. I did a search on "free anonymous suggestion box" and this came up. I created a simple box. So anyone can go there and type a comment or question to me while remaining anonymous. I think sometimes people assume or guess things instead of just asking me directly, so...
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    Should we have a Brady subforum like Patsfans does?

    Please try to discuss without losing civility. If we do a subforum, posts about Brady will be moved there. But it's not just on the people that defend Brady to adhere to, it's on everyone. In the future, after he is retired, we could fold it back in if we like. A separate forum can be used...