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    Were on to Dallas

    Dallas looks tough but we shall see ~Dee~
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    Concrats Red Soxs

    Congratulations to the Red Socks ..... ~Dee~
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    Happy Veteran’s Day!

    Happy Veteran’s to all those who served and those all family members who served. Thank you for your service one and all! ~Dee~
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    Happy Veterans Day!

    To all who served thank you for your service! ~Dee~
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    Happy Veterans day!!

    Thanks to all especially our Veterns here on the planet :toast: ~Dee~
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    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all the planet dads! Enjoy your day. ~Dee~
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    Happy Memorial Day

    To all who served and are serving still thank you. ~Dee~
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    Gregg Allman Dies ~Dee~
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    Pop ups

    I keep getting pops ups and can't seem to get rid of them on my iPad. Any suggestion? I've try reset, and clearing history and web data. Thanks ~Dee~
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    Happy Veteran's Day

    To all who served Thank you! Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others stiffen. [/URL][/IMG] ~Dee~
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    Sept is childhood cancers month

    i thought there was a thread but I couldn't find it so....... ~Dee~
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    Memorial day thanks to all that gave their all

    For some reason I can't embed it Thanks to all that gave their all and to the family's of those who've fallen. Your not forgotten. ~Dee~
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    These uniforms just plain .....

    Suck ~Dee~
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    Never forget. 9/11

    To all who lost their lives that day and those still dying as a result. You will be remembered. ~Dee~
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    Happy Father's day!

    Just wanted to wish al the dad's a very happy father's day. Now go get back to your kids! Enjoy ~Dee~