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  1. StoneWalled

    Gronk is back

    I've had this same feeling since his100% video. I believe that BB will, or has already had a conversation with Gronk to gauge the meaning or veracity of the statement. If Gronk thinks everyone else lining up is 100% or doesn't care whether they are or not then he really is as dumb as he seems...
  2. StoneWalled

    Revis puts the boot in

    Does anyone else think that the more bashing Brady gets; the better his chances are of winning a defamation suit become? Not saying that Revis intends that,but how hard would it be for someone that likes TB to have a little fun at his expense while hiding good intentions?
  3. StoneWalled

    Kraft to address the media

    He'd probably have to go to court for that, but I agree. Getting something in return for Brady shouldn't matter at all to Kraft. He just wants the league to be right.:rolleyes:
  4. StoneWalled

    Kraft to address the media

    Tom Brady should also be concerned about the other 31 teams in the NFL. Right after he buries the NFL Front Office in court and then demands a trade from the New England Patriots. He should make it clear to Robert Kraft that if he is going to admit that the New England Patriots are cheaters...
  5. StoneWalled

    Deflated Footballs? - Ballgate posts go here - NSFW

    Sherman is falling into the same envy-driven mindset that started this whole mess. He is widely regarded as a smart dude with an outspoken personality but he is letting a reporter take his focus from next Sunday if only for a second. I wonder if anyone will bother to ask him his opinion after...
  6. StoneWalled

    Belichick Pissed about WW's take out on Talib

    Can't wait to see Solder as a Tackle-eligible laying the lumber to some unsuspecting Denver defender next year. He won't be trying to hurt him...he'll just be running his route...or trying to. He is afterall a tackle with a fresh-faced choir boy look. File under:Worms:Can opened.
  7. StoneWalled

    Pats at Broncos: Conference Championship Game Thread

    Had to mute the TV
  8. StoneWalled

    1 word?

  9. StoneWalled

    Confirmed. Broncos v Pats. are we ready?

    UberDoober, that is the all-time, hands down, never-to-be-bested, signature. I laughed myself silly watching that thing. Oh Yeah...before I go back to lurking...Yes, the Patriots are ready for Denver. I just have a feeling that it will be very business-like....almost like a retirement ceremony.
  10. StoneWalled

    DeOssie Needs to Get the &$%# Out of Here!

    "I know I have a home here in New York!" Wow! They must really revere their long-snappers in New York. Niko Koutivides is a better line-backer than both DeOssies combined. :rolleyes:
  11. StoneWalled

    Polling your level of confidence on the Tuesday before the SB

    100% confident the Patriots win. They will have a 60/40% run/pass ratio and beat them down. The Giants' run defense is their achilles heel. BB takes what he can get...and it pays off.
  12. StoneWalled

    The List

    Rex Ryan Troy Aikmen
  13. StoneWalled

    Can Chung Spy Rice?

    I was thinking Fletcher. Not as fast as Guyton but a sure tackler.
  14. StoneWalled

    Deal close with Mankins? Signed - 6 years

    For the most part I agree with one huge, I think, exception; Mankins is THE tone-setter on our line. I would prefer that to be a Center but, it isn't. We need Mankins and he is the best out there.
  15. StoneWalled

    PreSeason Game #1--Jacksonville, Jaguars

    Can't wait for the game to start. After months of lurking, without comment (you guys/gals did keep it interesting!) it sure is nice to have football. It should be straight fundamentals tonight; vanilla Offensive/Defensive Game Plans. Looking for good blocking, tough running, good hands and ball...
  16. StoneWalled

    Happy Birthday, StoneWalled!

    Thank you, all. I am very happy with my present. It took a while to sign the card but THEY GOT IT DONE.
  17. StoneWalled

    Video Highlight Assemblage Of Our 2011 Draftees

    didn't catch that sack but, I am in agreement that as a highlight film we all hope it wasn't his best body of work.
  18. StoneWalled

    Video Highlight Assemblage Of Our 2011 Draftees

    I dunno. Seems to me the majority of those clips involved one on one battles with Aldon Smith who is projected as one of the premiere pass rushers from this draft. I don't know what Smith's numbers were for that game but he didn't get to the Colorado QB in those shots. Solder, without ten years...
  19. StoneWalled

    2011 NFL Draft Day 2 Thread

    I did have Markell Carter on my radar pre-day three. Called him Markell Smith though....pretty sure that guy doesn't exist. Also called Cunningham last year for the same reasons, albeit Carter being far less likely.
  20. StoneWalled

    The Saints Took Our Lunch Money

    We'll just have to see if the the talent of the Saints and national experts matches BBs through play on the field. The tea leaves don't guarantee division championships or playoff wins.