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  1. jetstream1066

    Congrats amazing game to much as I despise all things Pats.....They are an amazing team to watch. If my Jets could be half as competent as this organization, we might actually make the playoffs every other year. So congrats.....and enjoy........Im jealous. Now.....back to...
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    the patriot way

    Wait...what??!!! this isnt the Patriot way....they never sign bad seeds...they never go after dirty just isn't the patriot way.....I'll put this guy in the same alter boys as Moss....Haynesworth....and Stallworth.....Ahern...
  3. jetstream1066

    bye bye talib ??
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  5. jetstream1066

    Happy Birthday Jetsknick

    Just throwing a Happy b-day thread out for my bro.......enjoy bud !!!:party:
  6. jetstream1066

    Wanted to share a true story that happened to me

    So this past Saturday morning.....I hear footsteps coming up my stairs, then hear a door close. I assume its one of the girls going back to sleep. I then hear my 6 year old trying to get into the bathroom which is locked. I get up to escort her downstairs so she doesn't wake the entire...
  7. jetstream1066

    FFL advice

    Ridley Vs the Jets or Ellington Vs the seahawks thoughts ?
  8. jetstream1066

    Breast Cancer awareness month

    Since all we will be seeing this month is a sea of pink, I think it's important to show some respect and love to those who have suffered from the horrors of breast cancer. My thoughts will be with my lovely wife this entire month as she herself is a survivor
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    Home beer brewers ??

    I have been brewing my own beer....I'm curious if anybody here does the same if they have any recipe recommendations
  10. jetstream1066

    N.E spas

    I'm looking for some recommendations. I am seeking a very nice spa in the NE area where my wife can be treated like a queen. A place where she is the star of the show and placed on a pedastal. We enjoy visiting the NE area so any suggestions are welcome. I'm looking to surprise her with this...
  11. jetstream1066

    What if.....

    I'm just curious......let's say that many moons ago......when Bledsoe was ready to come back....that BB went beack to Bledsoe as his starter for the next season or so. What are the thoughts here as to where Brady would have ended up. Do you all think he would have remained a Pat or been...
  12. jetstream1066

    Attn Planeteers....

    Just sending a thank you to those who sent me a PM, or the words of safety directed towards me in regards to the Hurricane.....It is definately appreciated..............especially when it comes to football......we go at it pretty good. Thanks again !!!!
  13. jetstream1066

    what would happen if...

    I'm just curious.....what would the Pats fans say if the Jets were to win ? I personally don't see the Jets winning this game, However, should the Jets come into Gillette, beat the Pats......placing the Jets in 1st, the Pats in last (after 7 games) Jets would be 3 - 0 in the division what...
  14. jetstream1066

    Panther's LB wife dies 1 month after wedding

    What a terrible story