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  1. HSanders

    Mac Jones Is Our QB1

    maybe he fits the clown shoes? 😁
  2. HSanders

    SUPER Wildcard Weekend Game Patriots @ Bills Gamete Thread - Saturday 8:15 PM

    winning has not been kind to some of the bills fans i've seen online. they're like the girl you think has been a cool chick, but she's the one who has been breaking into your house and boiling your rabbits on the stove, a la fatal attraction. only they do it because they ARE getting what they...
  3. HSanders

    Wildcard Weekend - Other Games

    i have to wonder if deeeeeerppppp down, romo laughs knowing the guy who replaced him can't qb a playoff W.
  4. HSanders

    Divisional Round Games

    divisional weekend is traditionally the one with the best games.
  5. HSanders

    Wildcard Weekend - Other Games

    admit, i was pretty stunned sf-dall wasn't the nightcap. especially with the playoff history between the 2 franchises.
  6. HSanders

    Patriots Offseason 2022

    judon's low snap counts after he returned from covid definitely suggest he was suffering in some physical way. energy and endurance
  7. HSanders

    What Concerts Have You Been To?

    i liked x, very cool thanks for your comments
  8. HSanders

    Anybody Know Any Good Jokes?

    this is an English major funny, please forgive me...😁
  9. HSanders

    What concerts do you WISH you could've gone to

    if i remember right, he killed himself feb 1994
  10. HSanders

    Patriots Offseason 2022

    amen. i've thought they needed speed for ages. my guess is bb is trying to balance back 7 athleticism with stoutness so he doesn't have to sub guys that much on the fly(i.e. hurry up offenses) and max versatility overall run vs. pass. it seems to me hurry up isn't as prevalent as far as all game...
  11. HSanders

    WTF Thread

  12. HSanders

    Bill Belichick

    guessing he means an "n" for an "l"? 😄
  13. HSanders

    Patriots Offseason 2022

    does anything need to be done with j. smith? what about harry?