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  1. Jaric

    Good luck bitches

    Colts definitely losing.
  2. Jaric

    Deflategate 2.0. Preseason Steeler edition El oh el.
  3. Jaric

    The sinister side of the Star Trek transporter Pole incoming.
  4. Jaric

    Rate your draft

    Remember, no take is hot enough. For the record, I like the colts draft but I know nothing so I'm operating purely off blind optimism.
  5. Jaric

    The Avengers Infinity War Spoiler Thread

    WARNING:. SPOILERS AHEAD. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Saw this last night. I'm still in shock. Going again this morning. All I can say: Oh. My. God.
  6. Jaric

    The Random Pizza Thread - now, NSFW :(

    I'm just saying, if you told me the production process at Papa John's was to take a pizza shaped mold out to the dumpster, I'd believe you
  7. Jaric

    Factory of sadness: Trade fails too busy celebrating to report in time. Oh cleveland
  8. Jaric

    WARNING!!! Moose on the loose in Canada

  9. Jaric

    Kaep files lawsuit against the NFL for "collusion."

    In case anyone was afraid this would be going away anytime soon...
  10. Jaric

    Rumble in the Jungle combatant submission thread

    Because the clown gets what the clown wants. So here are the rules for submission: -The animal must be alive right now so no dinosaurs or prehistoric creatures. -Humans will be sitting this one out. So if your all about...
  11. Jaric

    NFL abuse of painkillers and other drugs described in court filings

    NFL abuse of painkillers and other drugs described in court filings Let's all put on our shocked faces NFL team doctors...
  12. Jaric

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Anybody else play this? I picked it up yesterday and I'm already hooked. Xbox live North American server. Character name: jaricke. Hit me up!
  13. Jaric

    Do you "really" care about players using steroids?

    I'll be honest, only reason I get mad when a dude gets popped is because he got caught and will have to miss games. He can be shooting ground up black market rhino dick directly into his balls 24 hours a day for all I care if it lets him jump out of the gym. I have no moral issues with...
  14. Jaric

    KRAVITZ: Grigson?s "meddling" helped undermine soon-to-be-fired Pagano

    KRAVITZ: Grigson’s "meddling" helped undermine soon-to-be-fired Pagano Link Consider this my belated gift to the planet. A look inside a disfunctional organization many of you don't care for. Enjoy.
  15. Jaric

    Merry New Year!

    You're all horrible people. But you're my horrible people. So you're all right. Merry New Year Planeteers. Merry New Year.
  16. Jaric

    Jimmy Graham traded to Seahawks for Max Unger

    Per Glazer tweets. @JayGlazer: Saints and Seattle have now agreed on trade sending jimmy graham and a 4 to Seattle for max Unger and a 1st
  17. Jaric

    A football life: Bill Walsh

    This is basically football porn. I can't recommend that you guys watch this strongly enough.
  18. Jaric

    The official "Why was Mark Brunell really crying" thread

    Let's have some fun. I find the idea that a grown man would be weeping on television over under inflated footballs beyond absurd even for ESPN. So clearly there is something else going on here and we're going to figure it out. Now, keep on mind you'll be held to the same high standards ESPN...
  19. Jaric

    Brandon Marshall offers $25k to twitter heckler to fight him