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    Game on now, not 8:15
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    Scott Norwood wide, right into Pats Fans nuts

    Well here we are, for our only round of the Playoffs. Despite the flood of intellect on these very pages spewing like an ice choked Cazenovia creek overflowing into South Buffalo we have no answer to the salient points made by visitors from the west. We have no tight ends like Keith McKeller of...
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    Mark Henderson is not walking through that door

    The Patriots come into this game feeling all warm and fuzzy about beating a team of Brownies last week 50-10. The Fins laid a 52-0 beating on us on the way to their perfect season and Super Bowl Championship in '72. I can't think of another team that even came close to matching that mark of...
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    The Patriots are frauds

    I resisted buying into this team this year after last years pedestrian squad was smashed week after week. A mediocre rubber armed rookie QB, Bills legacy tarnished and even an entire Planet section created to worship at the alter of the golden one, stolen by Tampa Bay is our fate this year. A 7...
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    Boston marathoner Dick Hoyt passes at age 80
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    Van Noy released by Dolphins
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    40 and Time to Die

    What do you seek out that is 40 years old and expect to function as required except for Scotch, maybe? The Titans come to town loaded with Young Lions ready to take on an Old Lion who is hanging on by rep alone. The only thing that's kept him and the rest of the Pats going is the internalized...
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    Tedy Bruschi for American of the century.

    An oldie but goodie...
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    1 member and 40 guests

    1-14-13 at 7:21 pm. fulltilt standing proud like Custer at the Little Big Horn..
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    NEM sighting

    At the the UK Patriots site..god help you all. Prepare for lots of this..:***:
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    Christmas Calvin and Hobbes!

    I can't believe another year has past and we are here again.. The Evil Santa Poem My hands were all shaky My hands are all pale. A letter from Santa Had just arrived in the mail. It was hand written, In old fashioned ink pen It was handsomely written And dated Twelve-Ten. "Dear Calvin," it...
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    Ex Celtic Walker get probation Ex-NBA star gets probation in Vegas casino case By KEN RITTER, Associated Press 11 minutes ago tweet2 Email Print LAS VEGAS (AP)—Former NBA star Antoine Walker was sentenced Tuesday to five years of probation and...
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    10 Virtually instant ways to improve your life

    Shamelessly stolen from Chiefs Planet 10 virtually instant ways to improve your life July 16 by Guest Author | 195 comments | Featured, Lifestyle | Tags: habit, improvement, life Many of our...
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    Aliens controlling Mass Pike Easy Pass guilty of brain theft?

    You be the judge! I called the Pike Easy Pass customer service line today. I wanted to change the direct withdrawal info from my debit card (that I always forget to enter every month) to a credit card. NBD, right? It was a way that fulltilt could protect himself from self inflicted injury. I...
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    I'm working again!!

    Just got a warehouse gig where I work 4- 10 hour days with 3 off. My skill set is relationship/ financial product selling. The job market has clearly demonstrated a total lack of interest in me despite continued efforts on my part to entice them to hire me. This job is a 4am start with tons of...
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    I should know the answer to this as a graduate of "Man School"

    I have a small building that has a regular home oil furnace in it for heat. The oil company has minimum delivery requirements that are more fuel than I'll use in many years. I'm pretty sure I can just go to the gas station and use diesel fuel I can pump there in my oil tank. Am I right or do I...
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    I turned my back to Kimball Farms ice cream today

    Another childhood tradition ruined by progress I guess. Went for ice cream today because as a productive member of the unemployed I can. As I say, I went for ice cream, not to play golf, mini or par three. Ice cream, not a company meeting. A friggin cone, not the g'damn water frickin polo ride...
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    Any plans for the 4th?

    fulltilt and the son in law hit the "celebration supply outlet" in New Hampshire yesterday in the early morning. Our "celebration supplies" began with the "All Pro heavyweight selection" and proceeded from there. The lake house will be full from Saturday to Monday with @15 people. Lots of...
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    A Christmas Calvin and Hobbes!!

    The Evil Santa Poem My hands were all shaky My hands are all pale. A letter from Santa Had just arrived in the mail. It was hand written, In old fashioned ink pen It was handsomely written And dated Twelve-Ten. "Dear Calvin," it said "I'm writing because This year I've repealed My naughty/nice...
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    Bengals Karma-an arresting tale

    The economic meltdown has hit Ohio hard and Cincinnati in particular has been devastated. The fact is Cedrick Benson, Maurice Purify, Rey Maualuga, Pacman, Tank, Odell Thurman, Matt Jones and Domato Peko have not been arrested this week. I apologize to any non offenders I may have missed. The...